Wedding Assistance

Wedding Assistance for Every Wedding

Was it help with the venue, or the flower arrangements, or the tent and chair rentals, or the caterer or... fill in the blank here! It doesn't matter how many, how large or small the venue is or where you are getting married, there is a seemingly endless checklist to take care of. Even the most ardent DIY couples will need help with more than a few things during the course of planning, preparing and pulling off their dream wedding. Luckily for you, there is wedding assistance for basically anything you need help with to make your special day memorable.


Here at A|C Events, located in Kent, WA, we offer wedding assistance, no matter what stage in the planning process you are in. From partial planning to complete planning, and even, day of wedding assistance, our goal is to make your wedding a fun and memorable experience for you and your loved ones!


Give us a call if you need wedding assistance and let us help you create an amazing wedding celebration!